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Britts Donut Shop

Carolina Beach NC 

On the boardwalk

Spring Hours


Fri     April  30th   400 pm -  10:00 pm

Sat    May  1st       8:30  am -  10:00 pm

Sun   May  2nd    8:30  am -  10:00 pm or until sold out

Fri     May  7th      400  am -  10:00 pm

Sat    May  8th      8:30  am -  10:00 pm

Sun   May  9th     8:30   am -  10:00 pm or until sold out

Fri     May  15th     4:00  pm -  10:00 pm

Sat    May  16th     8:30  am -  10:00 pm

Sun   May  17th     8:30  am -   4:00 pm or until sold out

Fri      May  21st     4:00 pm -  10:00 pm

Sat    May  22nd   8:30  am - 10:00 pm

Sun   May  23rd   8:30  am -   4:00 pm or until sold out

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britts donuts, britts,carolina beach,brittsdonutshop


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Britts donut shop,britts doughnuts.glazed donuts
britts donuts, carolina beach,Britts doughnuts,nc
Britts donut shop, britts,doughnuts britt's donuts
best donuts,britts,boardwalk,donuts
Britts donut shop, 1939, best donuts,britts

Bobby Nivens and his wife have owned Britt’s for more than 40 years.  Britt’s is known for their famous homemade glazed donuts. The business first opened back in 1939.  Britt’s frequently makes national top 10 doughnut shop lists. In the recent Saveur list of top U.S. doughnuts they were the sole doughnut shop listed from the Carolinas.  H.L. Britt, whose photo hangs on the wall of the shop, opened Britt’s donuts in 1939.  Originally, Britt’s was located on the opposite side of the boardwalk near the arcade.  In 1969 Mr. Britt moved the shop to its present location.  Britt’s Donut Shop landed the Carolina Beach boardwalk on USA Today’s ‘best boardwalks for food’ list in 2013. The Carolina Beach boardwalk landed at the No. 8 spot on the list.Britt’s Donuts, which has been operating for almost 79 years in Carolina Beach,  received recognition in MSN City Guides as the second-best doughnut in the nation .This year The Daily Meal picked Britt's as the best in North Carolina.

Britt's ,donuts,boardwalk,donutshop
Homemade glazed donuts


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13 Boardwalk

Carolina Beach NC 


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